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“Can’t run from yourself so you have to face it” - Cacique & The Shamanic Rootz. 

It is an undeniable fact that for years, Reggae artists from all over the world have been capturing the hearts of their listeners through creating music that deliberately unifies a feel-good-vibe, with the underlying message of love and connection. Armed with an intention for education and liberation, Orlando based Shamanic Rootz bring to the scene what has been dubbed a new “conscious sound”. 

Formed in 2016 by lead vocalist Cacique,  Cacique & The Shamanic Rootz utilize the musical platform as a universal tool for spreading awareness and understanding of how the application of Shamanic practices can positively impact the human experience. With an eclectic blend of colorful Reggae tones paired with lyrics that embody messages of global healing through self awareness and mindfulness., . 

The new self titled album "Cacique & The Shamanic Rootz"  Released in late Dec 2019 is thought provoking and self empowering. The album features 3 singles and a bonus track "Face It" NOW available for download on all musical platforms such as Spotify, ITunes, Youtube and Amazon music ETC.


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